Development of nOS has stopped, existing versions will continue to work and receive updates from the package manufacturers until April 2019.

The only things that will no longer be issued are updates for nOS specific software and the monthly image releases (they haven't been going for a while anyway).

Thanks for coming along with me for the journey, nOS was a great product and I hope you enjoyed using it as much as I enjoyed creating it. Unfortunately there comes a time where all good things must come to an end.

Due to development on other projects such as SafeDriver ( and the time required to maintain nOS, I've had to pull the plug.

Thanks for being a part of the nOS community and I look forward to being involved in further projects.

From day one in July 2013 where I released nOS 1.0 to the public, through nOS 2.0 in November 2013, to the Infinity release in April 2014 and the various iterations of that, the past two years of nOS have been great.

Once again, thanks for being involved and I look forward to seeing some of you involved with my future projects.

-Isaac Mercer

The site will remain functional for a while here but just remember that nothing is officially supported or maintained anymore